Moon Child


I’m Terri, and that’s what most people call me (although the occasional “Tezz” gets through from time-to-time).  I’m a 29 year old girl woman, mother and wife, Pagan, witchy woo-woo, and an Aquarian through-and-through: stubborn, independent, quirky and open-minded.

Cradle Mountain

I grew up in Tasmania, Australia with my parents, my half-sister (who came back and forth from Sydney) and my little brother.  I did well in school, achieving scholarships and academic excellence awards mostly in the areas of social sciences, media and English.  I hold particular interest in learning about the areas of psychology, sociology, theology and philosophy.

Pagan Altar

I consider myself a spiritual person, and identify with Paganism as my religious path, although I don’t really stick to any “one” path.  I’ve been known to identify as an “Eclectic Pagan with Wiccan and Druidic Tendancies” – again, I’m an Aquarian, I find it hard to make up my mind!

I thrive on change and find myself altering my environment quite regularly, whether it be moving an ornament on the mantle or shifting the layout of a room entirely.  I find routine incredibly boring (not to say I can’t stick to a routine, I just don’t enjoy it) – I much prefer to go with the flow; “wing it”, if you will.

Michael and Terri

I met Michael, my husband, online.  He lived in Melbourne, which was only an hour’s flight from where I lived.  We started going out together in November 2003, moved in together in November 2005, got engaged on New Years’ Eve 2006 and have been married since November 2009.  I have so much love for this man, and although he’s seen the best and the worst of me, he’s still stuck around and I can’t do anything but wholly respect him for that.


We welcomed our baby girl, Lily, into the world in November 2012.  She was 7lb 9oz at 11 days overdue.  She has grown to be a very sweet little girl, full of love, laughter and beans (as well as a cheeky streak!), and we all just adore her.  Her favourite TV show is Peppa Pig – she’s obsessed, I swear – and she loves lollies and chocolate, bit like her mum!

DSC05086 for FB

In May 2014, our baby boy Emmett joined our family.  Born a week overdue, he weighed in at a healthy 10lb 2.5oz.  Emmett is the spitting image of his daddy, born with a full head of dark hair.  Now at nearly 3.5 years old, he has really developed a cheeky personality, speaks well, loves his blocks and his food.  I’m excited to see him grow, and particularly watch his interaction with Lily as they grow together.

And let’s not forget the furbabies.


Hendrix [right] is our eldest, born in 2007 – he’s a Devon Rex (which, by the way, are THE greatest cats ever – I’m not kidding).  He’s a very cool cat, can be a bit cheeky, and loves snuggles.  Then comes Delilah, we guessed that she was born in 2008 or 2009 – because she was a rescue we have no real way of knowing for sure.  Delilah is a purebred Turkish Van, and has given us some issues but we’re working through them with her – since we don’t know exactly what she went through before coming to us, we forgive her for quite a bit!

But wait, there’s more…

In terms of my personal interests, I enjoy webdesign – I’ve been creating sites since the late 1990s (since I was about 11-12 years old), teaching myself HTML and CSS, and like to think I’ve come a fair way since then.  I have built websites for local clients as a hobby and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working with someone else to make their vision for their site come true.

I also enjoy reading a wide variety of genres, although I prefer paranormal/occult fiction and non-fiction – my “library” of Pagan-based books is slowly growing and, while not as large as some peoples’, contains a rather large selection of books.

I consider myself to be very open-minded, and am a huge supporter of equal rights for the LGBTQI community, as well as a feminist – in the truest sense of the term: that women should be treated equal to men in society (ie. equal pay, equal status, etc.).  I have some strong opinions when it comes to women’s rights as mothers and human rights in general.