Look at Nature

Look at nature. Look at flowers. We never walk into our garden and say “Oh wouldn’t that flower be so much more pretty if it were taller? Or red instead of pink?” No, we don’t. Because nature was created perfect just as it is. And so are we. We are part of nature, we are how we’re meant to be, we are perfect just as we are.

I think I’d like to embrace nature a bit more this year.  As a Pagan, I feel I haven’t quite spent enough time out in nature to appreciate it, particularly this past twelve months where I’ve mostly been a mum.  I know with another on the way that this won’t change, but I would like to ‘get out there’ and enjoy it more – take the kids on picnics and so on.  It would be good to spend more time out in nature, like I did when I was a kid.