Tarot Reading – Full Moon in Aquarius

1. The Present –  Three of Pentacles

Things are coming to fruition – hard work is starting to show results. This isn’t time to sit back and relax, however; tend the plant I grow. Remember that everything that’s worth doing takes time and energy.  I cannot be complacent.


2. Challenge – Justice

My challenge around this time is about not falling prey to being exploited to justify another’s ends. Also, I’m no to be fooled into exploiting others for my own benefit either; it will not pay off.  I need to stay as balanced as possible in my current circumstances, remain level-headed and try to focus on the task at hand. Don’t get too distracted.

I also acknowledge that this card – Justice – almost directly relates to law and lawyers, and I currently work in a law firm; this has been challenging me recently in that I’m ready to move on to the next thing, so this combined with the Three of Pentacles tells me that this might actually change soon.


3. Basis / Unknown Influence – The Devil

I’ve felt trapped by my circumstances for a while – in association with Three of Pentacles and the Justice card, I certainly feel as though this relates to money and work.  Acknowledging this is the first step to freeing myself from the situation. I need to face up to the issue, and work my way out of it in a diplomatic and strategic manner.


4. The Past – Knight of Pentacles

Money issues in the past are something I focus on a lot; I am feeling as though this card, with the accompanying cards so far, is telling me money issues will soon rectify themselves. I came from a childhood of really not needing to worry about money, to it being a daily stress. It’s important to focus on finances but not let them rule me. My additional work that I’ve picked up will help.  It certainly won’t be easy, but like the Three of Pentacles, nothing worth doing is easy.


5. Hopes and Goals – The Hermit

This makes me laugh because in this current time in my life, when I’ve either got one or both children hanging off me, or I’m at work surrounded by people, I just want ME TIME! I also feel this relates to my wanting to reconnect with my spirituality – over the winter months, I always go inward (like the Hermit) but I don’t do anything spiritual; I don’t really socialise, I don’t really do anything other than veg out at home. I feel like this is about reconnecting and beginning to grow again with my spirituality.


6. The Future – Eight of Cups

The path to success is difficult, bumpy, and often treacherous, but it’s not completely unnavigable. Take careful, slow, cautious steps forward. Assess if each step you are taking is in alignment with your ultimate goal. Some of the path might not be visible immediately, but trust that you will be supported the whole way.


7. Your Self-Image – Two of Cups

Two of Cups is normally associated with relationships, but since this is about my own self-image, I can only relate it to seeing myself as my ultimate soulmate – if I’m not on my own side, who can be? I can’t expect to receive the support that I need if I don’t support and love myself. This also ties in with The Hermit as a hope/goal; I need to have ‘me’ time to in order to connect with myself and realign myself with what is important and what I need to be focusing on.


8. How Others See You – Nine of Pentacles

Others see me as secure, self-sufficient, strong and independent, kicking ass and taking names! I really wish I could see myself like this, but our outward images never really reflect what’s going on in our heads and hearts – there’s a phrase that says “Be kind, because everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about”.  I am a very independent person but I am certainly not without my struggles.  I’m really working hard to secure mine and my family’s future, though.


9. Guidance and/or Warning – Three of Wands

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I do not have the all-seeing eye, I cannot foresee everything that might happen in my life. I need to surrender to the fact that sometimes I can’t do everything and I might need to ask for some assistance. There’s absolutely no shame in it either; people are happy to help if you reach out.


10. Overall Outcome – Wheel of Fortune

I need to accept the circumstances, particularly when they are out of my control. Adapt, bend, change with the circumstances. Like the 8 of Cups said, there’s nothing that’s completely unnavigable; it’s just about being adaptive enough to ebb and flow with what’s thrown at you. When life gives you lemons, you can say “WTF?!”, or you can make lemonade.