Tarot Reading – Full Moon in Pisces

1. What energies are coming up from my subsconsious?

4 of Swords

A trial coming to an end.  Trouble and confusion being resolved.  Rest now after the battle – you will need your energy for the things to come.  Resting and rejuvenating is just as important as taking the stand; without a rested mind, body and soul, you cannot take on the situations and people that challenge us.
Heading into a new phase of transformation.  Prepare to invest your loyalties in a new situation or person.

2. What is in need of healing?

Knight of Swords

You need to work on your reactions – you are too quick to react rather than contemplate or consider and resolve.  You’ll go in “all guns blazing” and not give consideration to other people or other aspects of the situation.  Take a step back, breathe, and think before taking action.  It’s important that you slow down, and also think about how you are going to react. Quickfire, emotional responses are not conducive to positive relationships.

3. What message does my intuition want to deliver?

Queen of Pentacles

You have wealth beyond your realisation – if not with money then with knowledge or other gifts.  Share them! Whether informally – by donations of money or time to charities or other worthy causes – or more formally like teaching or sharing with a community. You are in a comfortable space and what we know and have does not have value until it is shared.

4. What am I being asked to dream (sleep on it, meditate or lucid dream) about?

9 of Chalices

Consider your childhood and the dreams and aspirations you had for yourself. What can be revisited? What did you spend your time doing or dreaming about? All your wishes can be fulfilled if you focus on what truly brings you joy and happiness.  Be careful, however, what you wish for – be clear and specific about your reality and what’s truly possible.

5. How can  best ride the waves of this emotional full moon?

Queen of Swords

Put to rest all the things in your life that no longer serve you and your happiness.  Physical objects, people, etc Rid yourself of the things that you know aren’t relevant in your life and clear out the shit. You will be happier, more empowered, and stronger without it.  It’s a difficult and often painful process, but every so often it’s a process we all have to go through to move on from our former lives and move forward to the people we dream of becoming and having the lives that we wish for ourselves.

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