The Reality of a WAHM

You guys, being a work-at-home-mum is HARD.

Seriously.  I thought what I really wanted to do was work from home.  In an ideal world, THAT’S what I would be doing.  And it still is.  But being a WAHM is so much more than just being either Mum or Worker.  It’s both in one.

The only time I can switch between Mum and Worker is when someone is available to take my daughter for an hour or so, to allow me to get some work done at home.  But I can’t expect family or whoever to take her for an hour or two every single day, it’s unfair on the person caring for her and unfair on her to be away from me every day.  While she’s little, I’m loving spending time with her, since she’ll be in school before we know it and then probably won’t want to know me when she’s a teenager!

Most of the time, it’s a balancing act.  I work two casual jobs from home, as well as volunteer work as a Treasurer, as well as looking after a one-year-old and growing another kid.  Keeping the house (relatively) clean, keeping the child fed and changed, as well as fitting in my 1-2 hours of work a day, plus website jobs, plus any Treasury work (updating spreadsheets, etc) that needs doing.  I think many people (myself included, till I became one) think WAHMs have it easy.  We don’t.  Being a Mum isn’t just about general care of a child; it is being a doctor, a therapist, a taxi driver, a personal assistant, a carer, a cleaner, a cook.  All those jobs and more, PLUS paid work?!

All I can say is thank the gods for my husband – he cooks most nights, does dishes and laundry, most of that I wouldn’t ever get done otherwise, all while working a 9-5 job.  And while he’s very helpful, I can’t help but feel he thinks that I have it easy here at home.

Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t give up my life for the world; I’m very happy with my current situation (although more money would always be nice!), but I think WAHMs get a bad rap for having it too easy, and to get a real job.  This ain’t easy

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I'm Terri. I am a certified incubator, accomplished childbearer and working on my degree in housewifery. I also hold qualifications in pet ownership. I am of the Tasmanian variety, Pagan by religion, 28 by years, and prefer constant change of my environment over stagnation. I still can't get my shit together when it comes to a career, so currently I work from home.

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